The Door is a Jar

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I thought I would post this pic of Cherry Tomatoes I took at Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA a few weeks ago.  It demonstrates growth not only by the tomatoes that have grown, but by the fact that some are more ripe than the others.


Vegetables as Art? Heck, Yeah!

Oh sure, flowers and butterflies always get all the attention.  They get invited to the best parties, their phones are always blowing up, treated like P Diddy! Or Ke$ha.

What about vegetables?  Sure, they might not be as obviously pretty (even though in most cases they started as flowers), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting!  You might even say they have a sense of humor!  Ok, even I wouldn’t say that.  But come on, give ’em a chance to shine!  And on more than just the plate!

So after you have lavished all the love and attention on the flowers, don’t forget to save just a little for the beauty of those that will soon dress our dinner plate.

Wow, I better go get something to eat.