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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Here is my submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple.  About a month ago, I found these Prairie Gayfeathers just starting to bloom at my Parent’s house when I went for a visit.  Thank goodness I had my camera!  I love the different textures of this flower as it blooms.

Thanks for looking!



Sequel Saturday

I had so much material to work with this week, that I didn’t feel I could fit it all into one featured foto post.  The benny?  A sequel!  Who says sequels aren’t as good as the original?  Well, anyone who has seen Teen Wolf Too, I imagine.    Although Jason Bateman has really made a career for himself in the last decade.  But I digress.  Here is the best of the week, too!  Two?  Too!

A butterfly resting on a statue of a creature that would eat him/her.  Isn’t it ironic. Don’t cha think?

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Bugs Besides Butterflies

Butterflies sure are pur-ty.  But there are other bugs that photograph well, if you can catch them in action.  For example, bees are loads of fun.

Caterpillars are also pretty cool.  Although some might argue that they are just pre-butterfly.  Some might also argue that they are not hard to catch on film as they move rather slowly.  To those people I say, “Look, I took over 300 pictures in just two hours.  I have tons of material I would like to share, which means sometimes the lines have to be blurred a little.  So, how ’bout I write the blog post, and you just read, ok? Ok.”

“Ummmm, we’re cool right?”

But, the bug that really tops them all, the pièce de résistance, is the dragonfly.

Why is the dragonfly special?  Aside from just looking really cool, those buggers (no pun intended) are really difficult to get in focus.  I think it’s the clear wings.  I’m happy, I got one!

What can I say?  Bugs besides butteryflies…are beautiful!

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Butterflypalooza @ Tyler Arboretum

Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA is a fantastic place to go, not just for photography, but for families.  They really have a great program running this summer, jam-packed with awesome stuff for kids to explore, like cool tree houses, fairy forests, and (my personal favorite) a large version of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

I went on Sunday and the place was loaded with families with young kids.  It was great for them, cause there was so much to do.  It was great for me, cause I didn’t have to worry about other photographers hogging the best spots.  Total win-win.  It also seemed to me, that I was either ahead or behind the group curve, so the bulk of the people were not where I was at any given moment.

Ironically, this was not my first choice for where I was gonna go this weekend.  It was not even my second.  I had put it on my list of places to try to get to this summer, but it doesn’t open until 9:00 am, well past the morning “Golden Hour”. For that reason, I had kind of put in on the back burner.  But this Sunday started out kind of cloudy, so there was no strong need to get out the door by 6:30 am.  I decided to take it easy and give this place a shot.  I was not disappointed.

Butterflies are just the most photogenic of the bugs, am I right?  Of course, when your competition are cockroaches and ants, it’s not hard to win that contest!  Unlike ants (that I can find even when I don’t want to!), butterflies can be a little tricky to locate.  Well, I can tell you, they are all hanging out at the Tyler Arboretum.  Monarchs, Skippers, and a bunch of other kinds that I can’t name, can all be found here.  Here are just a few pics.

These are not even the best one’s for the day (I’m saving those for Feature Foto Friday 🙂  Just a little something to give you an incentive to seek out butterflies.  They are totally happening right now!

Couldn’t help but wonder how many earthquakes started as a result of what I saw yesterday.  Or how Ashton Kutcher is doing.

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Where to go….where to go.

At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry  “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard.”  I like this quote because it suggests living in the moment and having a certain appreciation for what you have and not what you don’t.  I decided to apply that thought as inspiration for this week’s photo walk.  I actually went a little further than my own yard, but I kept pretty close to home.  After all, there’s no place like it!

I live in the town of West Chester, PA.  It is the county seat of Chester County, which basically means we have a lot of government peeps and many, many lawyers.  It is also home to West Chester University.  Soooo, we got a bunch of lawyers and a bunch of college kids.  Sounds like a winner combo to me!  Did I mention we have lawyers?

It’s really a great place to live.  There are lots of restaurants, cute shops, and of course, there is a Starbucks.

Taking pics in a town setting is very different than in a garden or park setting.  I know that must seem, obvious?  The challenge for me is that I like to keep my pictures simple.  If you look at my other work, they have a very defined subject,  If there is only one flower in the picture, it’s not hard to figure out what I want you to look at.  When you are in more of an urban setting, there is a lot of stuff around.  The trick is to figure out how to compose the picture, not to mention the mechanics of getting the exposure right.  I mean, how do you narrow down all this?

And this is already narrowed down!  What I started to do was look for unusual items that I could photograph like I photograph the flowers.  Things like parking meters, street signs and fence posts.

I don’t know, but I feel like this glove is on the verge of an obscene gesture.  It was a little early on a Sunday.  Maybe it hadn’t had it’s coffee yet.

So I saved the best for last.  This is a close up of the side of a phone booth.

It’s unfortunate that it’s a bit blurry because it is far and away the best subject I found for the day…aside from what I have planned for Wednesday’s post.  But you’ll have to check back for that!

You know what else you can find occasionally in urban settings?  FLOWERS!