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Why is a tripod important?  I am so glad you asked!  If you want to take pics that capture fine details or show flowing water, you absolutely need a tripod.  You might think that you can hold the camera steady enough to do these things without it, but trust me, you can’t.  YOU CAN’T!  Lord knows, I’ve tried.

You may have noticed by now, that I speak in movie quotes.  It’s a gift.  One that I think is appropriate for this post is from A League of Their Own.  At a train station, Jon Lovitz turns to Geena Davis and Lori Petty as their characters are preparing to leave the dairy farm to pursue the dream of playing baseball and says,

“See, how it works is, the train moves, not the station.”

 Jon Lovitz

That is sort of the idea with the tripod.   Let’s say you are taking a picture of a waterfall.  You want the water to move, not the camera.  I know you understand, but I’m gonna show a pic anyway, okay?!?  Here is a pic of a waterfall without using a tripod.

See?  It’s just like what Hudson says in Aliens.  “There’s movement all over the place!”

 Bill Paxton as Hudson

I told you, it’s a gift.  Now, if you use a tripod, you can get a picture like this:

See how flowy the water is?  That’s because I set the shutter to stay open for a long time, so the water is moving while the image is captured.  The water is a bit blurred and shows movement, but the rest of the scene stays clear.

The other thing tripods are good for is capturing details up close.  Here is a pic of a wild columbine without using a tripod.

It’s not a bad picture, but how cool would it have been if the details would have been in focus?  Pret-ty cool, I think.   Here is pic of a lily, using a tripod.

See the difference?  Now this picture was cropped.  Here is what the original looked like.

If I hadn’t used the tripod, I wouldn’t have been able to crop the picture that close and still get the fine details in focus.

Now you know why I am all about finding a new tripod.  This means something.  This is important!

Sorry, had to get one last one in there.