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I’m Back!!!!!!

Hello Friends!  I know it has been far too long since my last blog post.  I went away on vacation, took a bunch of really fun pictures, and proceeded to never blog again.  Well, I am not one for New Years Resolutions. However, I am one for changing up the routine every now and then!  And granted, this is sort of going back to my old routine…but it’s still a change from the current, right?  So we will call that a win.  At least for today.

I have also fallen out of the practice of going on my weekly outings…mostly because this winter has been rather cold, gray, uninspiring…did I mention cold?  Fear not!  I have received a new toy that I plan to use on a weekly basis to help keep those creative juices flowing, even on days when it feels that my blood has stopped.  Say hello to my little friend!


Have you forgotten already that I speak in movie quotes?  Not to worry.  You’ll be reminded repeatedly.  My new toy is an apparatus I can mount my camera to and take still life pictures.  It was a “gift” from my parents.  They are in the process of cleaning house and asked if I wanted this.  I said “Abso-freakin-lutely!  I need more stuff!”  Well, no I don’t, but I definitely needed this!  Also, the peeps from the TV show “Hoarders” have not approached me…yet.  So I figure I have some time to play with this thang.  Now that I have the stand at my home, I just need to decide on a subject. Hmmmmmm.  Suggestions, anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?


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My Little PeeGees

Unfortunately…again…this weekend, the chore gods aligned against me and prevented my weekly photo jaunt.  Don’t you just hate those pesky chores that keep you from being able to the things you would really prefer doing?  Someday, I would like to have a staff of people to do things like the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.  A staff to remove the weeds that are now the size of small trees, even though there has not been any significant rain.  Yeah, the day of having a staff of chore doers is certainly a long way off (and by “long way off” I mean never gonna happen).  As in the past when this has occurred, I improvise.

I had been anxiously awaiting the flowers on my PeeGee hydrangea. Why?  Because all my other flowers are gone.  The spring flowers bloomed long ago and the last of the daylilies just finished.  My garden is still a work in progress (like most things in my life) as I try to add more that will bloom at different times over the summer.  Right now, it is just a little lacking in that area (ok, a lot lacking – I admit it!).  But at long last, my PeeGees have bloomed!  Oh, happy day!

My PeeGee’s are one of my garden success stories.  I wanted to add flowering trees to my backyard to act as a screen from the neighbors.  I started researching and discovered that PeeGee’s can be trained to become trees.  I also found that if you want to buy them that way, they are expensive.   I got mine from the Arbor Day Foundation about four years ago.  I bought four for $20, or $5 bucks a tree.    I thought I was a total genius until they arrived.  It was basically a “Stick in a Bag” tree kit.  Still for $5, I figured I could be patient.

Four years later, they are not yet trees, but they really want to be.  Their branches are plenty long enough to be trees, but the trunk part is just not quite tall enough yet.  I can relate to this.  Growing up, I was always the shortest kid in the class.  It didn’t help matters that my last name (before marriage) was Short.  Seriously, could you get luckier than that?  It certainly didn’t result in clever taunts like “Do you know why your last name is Short?  Cause your short!”  No, not at all.  Actually, there are way worse last names out there.  At the risk of offending someone, I’m gonna refrain from mentioning anything obviously worse….well, maybe just one….no…not gonna do it.

Anyway, my little PeeGees have extra long branches, resulting in blooms that either touch or almost touch the ground.  It doesn’t make photographing them an easy task.  However, it did make for some interesting pictures and some interesting grass stains on my clothes as I lay on the ground trying to get a good angle.

So, until my PeeGee’s are all grown up, I’ll just have to keep the good stain-fighting laundry detergent around.  Ugh, laundry!

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Bugs Besides Butterflies

Butterflies sure are pur-ty.  But there are other bugs that photograph well, if you can catch them in action.  For example, bees are loads of fun.

Caterpillars are also pretty cool.  Although some might argue that they are just pre-butterfly.  Some might also argue that they are not hard to catch on film as they move rather slowly.  To those people I say, “Look, I took over 300 pictures in just two hours.  I have tons of material I would like to share, which means sometimes the lines have to be blurred a little.  So, how ’bout I write the blog post, and you just read, ok? Ok.”

“Ummmm, we’re cool right?”

But, the bug that really tops them all, the pièce de résistance, is the dragonfly.

Why is the dragonfly special?  Aside from just looking really cool, those buggers (no pun intended) are really difficult to get in focus.  I think it’s the clear wings.  I’m happy, I got one!

What can I say?  Bugs besides butteryflies…are beautiful!

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Feature Foto Friday

I have to say, this week’s outing was a lot of fun.  Very unusual stuff.  Unfortunately, I forgot how to use my point and shoot camera and many of my pics turned out blurry.  Surprisingly, there were a few that I was able to save.  One of them was a complete overexposed accident that might be the coolest picture I have ever taken.  It just goes to show you, don’t delete anything until you look at it on a big screen.  Here’s the best of the week, this week.

You might have noticed that they are all black and white (or a slight variation of that).  If you read my post “It’s not always so color.  Sometimes it’s black and white!” that helps to explain my decision-making process when making that determination.  Plus the PVC is already white…so it was kind of a no-brainer.

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What do you know?

I have attempted to write my tutorial post this week almost as many times as Ernest Hemingway rewrote the ending to “A Farewell To Arms” (click here to learn more about that!).  I’m sorry but that is just too many…for me.  I thought I would keep it simple this week and recommend a source that I found incredibly useful.

Kelby Training is a website that offers tons of educational information about digital photography and post processing.  It is a subscription service, but every day they offer 75 free day passes.  If you get on the website early enough you can score one of those and watch as many of the videos as you want during the 24 hour trial period.  I recommend choosing a day when you have absolutely nothing else to do.  Yeah I know, who has one of those?

I would also like to encourage comments and a dialogue.  Have you found any particular books or websites helpful when it comes to digital photography?

P.S. I figured out today how to add links to my blog.  Could you tell?

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Second post…ever!!!!

Since very few people saw the first post, I am being completely unoriginal with my title.  In fact, I may just continue this trend indefinitely.  It certainly simplifies things considerably!  That being said, my mind is all a flutter with ideas for this blog.  I think I need the weekend to gather my thoughts (and pics – can you say Pinterest?) to put together an actual post.  These first two are really just me getting familiar with the format.  I consider them “practice” posts.  That’s right, I’m talkin’ bout practice!  I gotta say, that Allen Iverson joke never gets old….to me!  Later tater!


First post…ever!

Hello everyone!  My name is Jen and this is my first blog post.  I have been thinking about a blog for sometime, but it was always one of those things that I just felt I didn’t have time for.  Not that I have anymore time now, but I figured what the heck!  You probably want an explanation for the title “The Door is a Jar”.  When I was younger, one of my friends Mom had a car that would talk to you when things were left open.  Things such as the trunk or…you guessed it, the door.  The car would literally say “The door is ajar”.  Being young and silly, I would add the line “and your hand is a foot!”.  I know, it makes no sense, but it made me smile then.  It still makes me smile now.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy!