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Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It…


This weekend, the site I chose for my photography outing is a place where people from all walks of life gather.  They gather with the hope and enthusiasm that they can do it!  They might even be able to get a little help too.  Where is this place that even the most jaded pessimist might consider for just a moment that the glass is half full?  No, it’s not the Church of Scientology. It’s…

This weekend was a little jam-packed with chores and activities, so when my husband asked if I wanted to go with him to Home Depot, I thought it might be an interesting place to take pictures.  I was a bit concerned that the retail folks might not like this idea as much as I did, so I took my little point and shoot camera instead of the DSLR.  I’m mentioning this because I seem to have forgotten how to use this camera.  I thought the purpose of Point and Shoot was to make it easy, but apparently not.  Some of the pics are a little blurry, so I apologize in advance.

This sign always makes me laugh.  See, I read this sign and think that they are talking about the customers that come here so often, they are considered, not amateur, but “Pro”!  Surely, they must be talking about us!  Yes, this is the explanation I have ready if anyone asks why we are parking in the spot saved for contractors.

Now, when you look at this picture, are you thinking these would be a good thing to use to build a rig capable of supporting interior doors so they can be painted with a spray gun?  Essentially using them as you would, a giant Erector set?  Yeah, me neither.  But that was what my husband was here to do.  He was working on a project for a client to paint 28 doors and felt that a rig would be required.  So why not PVC?  I’ll tell you why not.  Because they weren’t designed to be used that way.  It’s not that they couldn’t be, it’s just that the parts are not designed with angles he had in mind.

I think I mentioned that this is not the Church of Scientology…or anywhere near a place where celebrities might gather (so maybe not all walks of life).  Tom Cruise is not going to show up here and help us with this Mission Impossible project.  It really looked like thing was going to “blow up” so my husband went off to see if he could come up with an alternative.  I decided to give it one more shot.  Then, with seconds to spare (until my patience gave out), it hit me.  I had it!

Sorry, I didn’t have time to build it to scale…or paint it.  So while my pics weren’t so hot, I did get to leave with some bragging rights for the day.  BOO YAA!  I know…it looks like it might be a bit top-heavy.  I’m sure I can think of a solution.  See?  Glass half full!


Author: Jen Mayer

Hey all! This is the spot where I get to tell you about myself. Can I tell you how incredibly awkward that is? I mean who are we really? It's really a question for the ages. But, if I must answer, I am a photography junkie, wannabe writer, wife with a full time job. On the side, I like to think that my cooking is above average and that I could probably hold my own on the TV Show "Chopped", although I probably couldn't. Life is good!

2 thoughts on “Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It…

  1. I totally dig the pvc connector shot. Maybe closer in/fill the screen would be cool too? Great pics yo

    • I agree that would have been great and would have been more of what I wanted. I did not choose wisely when selecting the camera to take with me. Most of the pics came out blurry. I think I tried to crop that one closer, but it had the same problem. Next time, I’m gonna risk the wrath of the establishment and use the DSLR. Or, you know, I could just ask nicely 🙂

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