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Random Pics Around Town

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I tried.  I really tried to limit my posts this week to three.  I kind of burned one with “Blogger’s Block” that maybe I shouldn’t have because now I am feeling post withdraw symptoms.

Because it’s Friday and because I have the DAY OFF (woo hoo!), I am going to do a post.  Not a Feature Friday post, but hopefully a funny, insightful post about totally random things from last weekend’s walk.  How can someone be funny and insightful and random all at the same time?  Great question.  I have no idea, but we’re gonna give it a shot!

It seems only fitting based on the title of my blog, that I would occasionally show some pictures of doors.  This door is on one of my favorite homes in West Chester.  In fact, this is my “dream house”.  I had the pleasure of being inside this house because it was featured a few years ago on the Chester County Day tour.  That was a huge mistake.  I was smitten already just from the outside, but once I saw the interior, it was true loooove.  Or maybe you would call that obsession.  It’s ok, I only ride past it a few times a day.

So how cool of a Phillies fan would I be if I painted my house to match the team colors?  In 2008, it would have been a “fan”tastic idea.  This year?  Not so much.  But hey, the St. Louis Cardinals came back from 10 games out to win the whole thing last year.  There’s still time, right?  RIGHT????

This umbrella was just sitting on that short piece of the lawn that is in between the sidewalk and the street.  It must have been left there overnight.  This must be a nice neighborhood.

This is a photo of the West Chester Public Library.  It is truly one of the most interesting buildings ever.  In my house, it’s all about library books anymore.  I love that I can have books delivered here from any other branch.  It also gives me an excuse to go inside and ogle the architecture.  You might have noticed, I like to do that.

“I used to be a driveway once.  What the hell happened?”

I can’t tell if the herd gathered overnight to keep warm or they are staging a protest by linking together.  Thoughts?


Author: Jen Mayer

Hey all! This is the spot where I get to tell you about myself. Can I tell you how incredibly awkward that is? I mean who are we really? It's really a question for the ages. But, if I must answer, I am a photography junkie, wannabe writer, wife with a full time job. On the side, I like to think that my cooking is above average and that I could probably hold my own on the TV Show "Chopped", although I probably couldn't. Life is good!

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