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There are no apples at Appleford

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But there are more frogs than you can shake a stick at!  Not that I would.  I love frogs and all living creatures.  Except for those little black ants.  I hate those.  Of course, that has nothing to do with this post.  This post is about Appleford…which has no apples.

You know what else Appleford doesn’t have, assuming you get there before or around 9:00 am on a Saturday morning?  People!

I had wanted to get to the estate by 8:00, because the morning light in photography is my absolute favorite.  That didn’t happen, for a number of reasons that I listed the other day.  So I was late for the light, but early to the party so to speak.  Way early.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival (aside from the lack of other human life) is how noisy it was.  I’m telling you, these frogs were loud!  And because there were so many (or at least it seemed that way – I couldn’t actually see them), they really got your attention.

The frogs surrounded a beautiful multi-level pond, full of lily pads.  It was a calm morning, no wind to speak of.  The perfect opportunity to break out my tripod without making a fool of myself while I stumble around with it.  Gonna let my geek flag fly!

As it turns out, I did see a frog, I just didn’t realize it until I got home, but here is a picture of one.

All in all, this was a nice place to shoot, it just didn’t rock my world.  I’ll tell you though, if you are planning a wedding, this is a place to consider.  The terrace is beautiful and very large.  The Appleford website shows lots of beautiful wedding imagery.  Would also be a great place for a party in general.  If you have your party over brunch, the frogs will sing to you!

Speaking of which, here is one of my favorite frogs, singing a nice little ditty.

Kermit the Frog sings The Rainbow Connection

This blog is really a work in progress.  Going forward, I plan to do about three posts a week, plus a bonus post if I have time and material.  Mondays will be write ups like this one about where I went over the weekend.  Thursdays will be tutorials of some kind, even if the tutorial is something I just learned how to do.  Fridays will be Featured Foto Day where I share the best photos taken at the shoot from the previous weekend.  The bonus posts will be completely random thoughts.  All will probably include movie or music references, or both…cause that’s how I roll!


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Hey all! This is the spot where I get to tell you about myself. Can I tell you how incredibly awkward that is? I mean who are we really? It's really a question for the ages. But, if I must answer, I am a photography junkie, wannabe writer, wife with a full time job. On the side, I like to think that my cooking is above average and that I could probably hold my own on the TV Show "Chopped", although I probably couldn't. Life is good!

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