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Photography Outing Top Ten List

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Things I will do the night before a planned photo outing so that I have some hope of leaving on time!

10) Bathe

9) Laundry and if necessary, iron clothes

8) Locate the GPS (oh, the irony)

7) Have backup directions printed

6) Charge camera battery

5) Charge cell phone

4) Check camera card to make sure it’s not full

3) If camera card is full, delete pictures that were downloaded to computer

2) Check tripod to make sure all feet are securely fastened to legs.  If necessary, use duct tape.

and the #1 item of things I will do the night before a planned photo outing is

1) Publish the friggin’ blog post!

Btw, today is Father’s Day.  Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, but especially to my Dad and my Dad-In-Law.  Your support and encouragement has meant so much to me, more than you’ll ever know.  I love you!


Author: Jen Mayer

Hey all! This is the spot where I get to tell you about myself. Can I tell you how incredibly awkward that is? I mean who are we really? It's really a question for the ages. But, if I must answer, I am a photography junkie, wannabe writer, wife with a full time job. On the side, I like to think that my cooking is above average and that I could probably hold my own on the TV Show "Chopped", although I probably couldn't. Life is good!

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