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Dolce, The Little Dude

While most days, this blog is intended to be dedicated to seeing the lighter side of things, today will be a bit on the heavier side.  On Wed. 2/29, my hubbie and I had to say goodbye to one of our beloved pets, Dolce.  Dolce was a young 2 year old male.  Up until Wed night, he appeared to be a healthy, happy boy who loved to play, especially with his bf Cooper.  Unfortunately, it turns out he had heart disease which resulted in a paralysing blood clot and respiratory failure.  Even though it was not easy to let him go, I try to take comfort in the fact that we were there to help him right away and I know we made the right decision.  As much as I am feeling this loss for myself, I am also feeling it for Cooper.  Cooper came to us in November.  He and Dolce bonded immediately, played together every day and often slept next to each other.

Dolce was my first male cat and for that reason, I will always think of him as my little dude.  We will miss you!

Dolce, the little dude

Dolce, The Little Dude.