The Door is a Jar

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Second post…ever!!!!

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Since very few people saw the first post, I am being completely unoriginal with my title.  In fact, I may just continue this trend indefinitely.  It certainly simplifies things considerably!  That being said, my mind is all a flutter with ideas for this blog.  I think I need the weekend to gather my thoughts (and pics – can you say Pinterest?) to put together an actual post.  These first two are really just me getting familiar with the format.  I consider them “practice” posts.  That’s right, I’m talkin’ bout practice!  I gotta say, that Allen Iverson joke never gets old….to me!  Later tater!


Author: Jen Mayer

Hey all! This is the spot where I get to tell you about myself. Can I tell you how incredibly awkward that is? I mean who are we really? It's really a question for the ages. But, if I must answer, I am a photography junkie, wannabe writer, wife with a full time job. On the side, I like to think that my cooking is above average and that I could probably hold my own on the TV Show "Chopped", although I probably couldn't. Life is good!

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